CMM Retrofits

For manual and servo-driven machines we are proud to offer CMM-Manager. CMM-Manager is a great choice for retrofitting Sheffield manual and DCC machines. If you are looking to upgrade your MP 2, MP 3, MP 4, Smart Terminal, OFI/FLB system, Sheffhet, Direct Inspect, or MeasureMax system take a look at CMM-Manager. Compared to other retrofits available, CMM Manager will save you thousands of dollars in normal retrofit costs.

There are many things to consider when retrofitting a CMM. Your provider should have years of experience with your particular CMM. The provider must consider all the variables involved in retrofitting the machine including accuracy, reliability, and functionality.

Over the years we have seen many, less than adequate retrofits in the field performed by an OEM or other third-party service. Some of these machines lost error compensation capabilities due to the fact that the retrofit did not support them or the party involved in retrofitting the machine did not transfer the data or error map the machine. At MSI we take all variables into account to ensure you receive the best retrofit money can buy.

CMM Rebuilds

MSI’s large facility gives us the flexibility to do in-house CMM rebuilds and retrofits. We even machine some of our own parts to maintain a quick cost-effective solution for repairs. And, we make many of our own cables and repair and test a variety of CMM electronics in our ESD-protected tech room.

Many CMMs can be rebuilt affordably. We can completely remanufacture your machine at our facility rather than in the field, which is often not recommended. Or, if you’re looking for another CMM please look into our current Inventory of Rebuilt CMMs. Call or email us today!

Renishaw Upgrades

We not only offer Renishaw’s full CMM product line at discounted rates, but our extensive experience with this brand means we can offer guidance on what your best options are for specific applications. The type of probe, stylus, and configuration can make or break a CMM’s throughput and accuracy.

Over the years we’ve seen that the key to success is not merely purchasing state-of-the-art products but having a partner to provide support and guidance. At MSI we take a comprehensive approach that considers the application, environment, machine type (e.g. software), and operator preferences. You can count on receiving honest advice and help from us.